Naked movie stars from the Holy Land of Israel

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Hebrew Hotties Nude Video Playlist

Hebrew Hotties Videos

Watch a compilation of the best nude scenes done by the hottest Jewish movie stars from all over the world!


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Netta Garti Nude Pictures And Videos

Netta Garti Nude

Lovely Israeli actress Netta Garti bares her perky tits, cute tush, and hairy muff while she’s stepping out of the shower room completely naked!

Netta has some excellent full-frontal nude scenes in the movie Left Turn At The End Of The World.

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Reymond Amsalem Nude Pictures And Videos

Reymond Amsalem Nude

Talented Israeli movie actress Reymond Amsalem gave us a peek of her lady parts when she had to streak naked down a street after her clothes caught on fire!

Watch Reymond perform this act of public nudity in the film Lebanon.

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Ronit Eitan Nude Pictures And Videos

Ronit Eitan Nude

Cheeky Israeli actress Ronit Eitan exposes her pussy for all of us to see when she lifts up her dress to show some dude that she’s not wearing any panties!

You can see Ronit bare her butt and beaver in the movie Gift From Above.

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Natalie Portman Nude Pictures And Videos

Natalie Portman Nude

Enchanting Jerusalem-born Jewish hottie and Oscar Award-winning actress Natalie Portman finally answers her fans’ prayers and shows us her boobs and butt as she appears completely naked on the big screen!

Watch more of Natalie’s rare nude and sexy scenes in the films No Strings Attached, Your Highness, Black Swan, The Other Boleyn Girl, Hotel Chevalier, Goya’s Ghosts, Paris, Je T’aime, V for Vendetta, Garden State, Closer, and Anywhere But Here.


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Michaela Bercu Nude Pictures And Videos

Michaela Bercu Nude

Gorgeous Israeli supermodel and part-time actress Michaela Bercu bares her perfect breasts on screen as she lies topless in bed!

Watch Michaela’s brief nude scene in the 1992 vampire film Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

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Tchelet Semel Nude Pictures And Videos

Tchelet Semel Nude

Pretty and cute Israeli movie babe Tchelet Semel plays a hooker and shows us her perky tits and nipples as she walks around the room topless!

Watch Tchelet’s great oral sex scenes in the movie The Holy Land.

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Ronit Elkabetz Nude Pictures And Videos

Ronit Elkabetz Nude

Sultry Israeli actress Ronit Elkabetz boldly shows off her tits, ass, and pussy as she prances around her room completely naked, wearing absolutely nothing but a smile!

Watch Ronit as she does some fantastic full-frontal nudity in the movies The Girl On A Train, Or My Treasure, Late Marriage, and Tzaleket.

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Orly Tepper Nude Pictures And Videos

Orly Tepper Nude

Busty Israel-born softcore movie actress Orly Tepper flashes her large all-natural hooters to seduce some poor schmuck into fucking her!

See Orly appear naked and having sex in the TV series Hot Springs Hotel as well in the movies Bleed, Radical Jack, Mistress of Seduction, and The Dwelling.

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Moran Atias Nude Pictures And Videos

Moran Atias Nude

Exotic Haifa-born Israeli actress, model, and TV presenter Moran Atias gets freaky and topless as she bares her beautiful naked breasts on the big screen!

See Moran’s sexy and nude roles in the movies Mother Of Tears and Land of the Lost.

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Meital Dohan Nude Pictures And Videos

Meital Dohan Nude

Popular sexy Israeli movie actress Meital Dohan gives us a great view of her fine tits and large nipples as she humps some lucky guy in bed!

Watch Meital’s full-frontal nude and steamy sex scenes in the film God’s Sandbox, and has sexy roles in the television shows Lo Hivtachti Lach, Elvis, Rosental, VeHaIsha Hamistorit, Weeds, Esti Ha’mechoeret, My First Sony, Shaul, and Shemesh.

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Daphne Rosen Nude Pictures And Videos

Daphne Rosen Nude

Extremely busty Tel Aviv-born pornstar Daphne Rosen exposes her huge melons and pussy as she brazenly walks around the porn film set completely naked!

See Daphne take a break from doing hardcore porn and simply get naked in the comedy movie Finishing The Game.

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Dana Ivgy Nude Pictures And Videos

Dana Ivgy Nude

Pretty Israeli movie babe Dana Ivgy shows us that Jewish women are truly blessed as she bares her big breasts while taking a shower!

See Dana get totally naked in the films Or My Treasure and Broken Wings.

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Ayelet Zurer Nude Pictures And Videos

Ayelet Zurer Nude

Beautiful award-winning Israeli actress Ayelet Zurer lets her boobs hang out as she poses for the camera in the nude while pregnant!

Watch Ayelet’s various nude scenes in the movies Adam Resurrected, Fugitive Pieces, Nina’s Tragedies, and The Dybbuk Of The Holy Apple Field, as well as her sexy roles in the Hebrew television shows BeTipul, Florentine, and Inyan Shel Zman.

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